Top 5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Publishing Platform


I am very excited about LinkedIn publishing platform. There are many reasons why you want to leverage it, and here are the top five:

  1. It allows your long-form posts to become a part of our profile
  2. It comes with a potential be featured on LinkedIn Pulse (in other words, LinkedIn will recommend your article to other members interested in the same topics), thus exponentially increasing the exposure of your content.
  3. It enables you to build a group of followers
  4. It allows you to position yourself as an expert and becomes one of the major mechanisms for your personal branding efforts
  5. It gives you an opportunity to add value to a broad LinkedIn audience

As excited and genetically predisposed to optimism as I am, I also have concerns about the platform, the main one being that its introduction will lead to low quality content explosion and resulting content fatigue and disengagement.

We can all contribute to mitigating this risk by focusing on adding value, not volume and posting one excellent article rather than 10 mediocre ones.

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Publishing Platform”

  1. I agree on both counts – the good and the bad of publishing on LinkedIn. I admit, I was quite excited to be invited to publish on the platform.


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