Why Was I Invited to Publish on LinkedIn?


Question of the Day: Maria, I just received a message inviting me to publish on LinkedIn. Is this something new to all users? Select users? Or is this a pilot for certain users? I’m curious to know how I was considered. While I love to write and interested in potentially being featured in the “Pulse”, I just wondered about the details of me being considered.

Answer: Congratulations on being granted access to LinkedIn publishing platform! This feature is not available to all users but is being gradually rolled out to more and more of us. The intricacies of the algorithm that governs the selection process are not known; some people apply to get access and then wait for a while untill it’s provided.

I enthusiastically recommend that you start publishing right away. It will most likely take time and multiple submissions to be featured on Pulse, but you can start building your following and reinforcing your brand immediately. You might find this short article of mine on the subject helpful: Top 5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Publishing Platform.

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