Are Recommendations Worthless?


QUESTION OF THE DAY: Are LinkedIn recommendations valuable or worthless? It seems that everybody has many generic recommendations – do they even mean anything?

Recommendations are valuable – but only if they are detailed, substantial, and enthusiastic recommendations from clients, managers, and colleagues familiar with the quality of your work.

Another important element is consistency. Is there a common theme amongst recommendations: are multiple clients commenting on your specific skill? Is the same skill highlighted and *demonstrated* throughout your profile: have you included examples of your work in your work portfolio and does your profile describe the results you achieved? If the answer is yes, all these elements reinforce each other.

The bottom line is that it is necessary to have several strong recommendations in order to have a well-rounded profile.

That being said, keep in mind that lukewarm recommendations can do more harm than good! Also, use common sense when showcasing your recommendations. Do you really want to display a recommendation that contains 5 grammatical mistakes in 2 sentences and enthusiastically proclaims that “john is a awesome writr” <smile>?


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