How Do I Connect to an Influencer?


 “Maria, how can I connect with Influencer Mr. X on LinkedIn? Unfortunately, I don’t have anybody in my network who can introduce me.”

I know it’s time to write about a topic when I get the same question from different corners of the world. This one has showed up in my inbox many times, and its most recent reincarnation prompted me to write this post.

… If you want to get access to Mr. X, a good way to proceed is to take the following steps:

  1. Join one of the groups Mr. X is a member of.
  2. Send him an invitation. In the invitation, state that you enjoyed reading his work, pointing out a particular article or a book that you liked.
  3. End your invitation by simply asking to connect.

I have connected with several great writers this way, without any introductions.

Alternatively, you can promote the Influencer’s work on various social platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc.), share and comment on his articles, and mention him on LinkedIn and Twitter. I have connected with someone this way and she actually mailed me her autographed book. How cool is this?

Once you have a connection established, make sure it’s a two way street. If he accepts your invite, try to be of service to him by taking the time to retweet his messages once in a while, comment on their articles etc. Mr. X might be an Influencer but he needs and appreciates a kind word and a kind gesture just as much as you and I do.


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