3 Magical LinkedIn Questions to Ask


Did you know that all it takes to avoid making costly mistakes in the area of LinkedIn engagement is asking 3 simple questions before you take action? Let me explain.

When considering taking a certain action on LinkedIn, ask yourself:

1. Will it negatively affect my personal brand?
2. Will it negatively affect the people in my network (or, to put it differently, will they be inconvenienced in any way)?
3. Will it negatively affect the overall environment of this social media platform?

If the answer is yes to even one of these three, I do not recommend taking this action.

Let’s look at an example. 

“Maria, don’t you think that posting an occasional picture of my pet on LinkedIn is ok? It’s just a human touch. We are people, not robots.”

Looking at this dilemma through our three question lens, we might want to consider that posting multiple pet pictures in status updates: 

1. Impedes your brand building efforts (unless you are a professional pet photographer of course). Can you imagine a recruiter in your network saying “Hey, there is a new opening. I bet this engineer guy who repeatedly spammed my news feed with kittens pictures would be a great match. Let me reach out to him”? On LinkedIn, you probably want to be known as an engineer with a track record of posting great industry articles with thoughtful, value adding commentary or maybe even a thought leader in your niche as opposed to an engineer with kittens.

2. Inconveniences and annoys at least some of the people in your network. As a result, they will hide your updates or even unfollow you, which, I suspect, is not the outcome you are aspiring to.

3. Blurs the line between professional and personal social media platforms. The bottom line is, while we love our pets, we should probably take manifestations of this love of ours to Facebook and Instagram.

Asking these 3 simple questions will ensure you avoid making engagement mistakes on LinkedIn, and will help to create a better social media experience for all of us – a clear win-win!


Hello, my name is Maria Fafard and I am delighted to meet you! I speak and write about thought leadership, blogging, personal branding and LinkedIn strategy. If you enjoyed my articles, please follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter, and check out my other blog hereFor speaking inquiries, please send me a note on LinkedIn. Thank you. ~Maria


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