Great Quote! …What Quote?


Have you noticed that quite a few LinkedIn users share somewhat mysterious status updates saying things like “Check out this great quote!” and then sharing a nice photo, but distinctly no quote?

What’s happening here is that these users are attempting to share someone’s status update on LinkedIn. The original update had two components: text and image. However, if you use the Share button located beneath someone’s status update, the image will be shared, but the text will not.

In case you prefer to share things in their entirety, here is how to share both components of the status update:

(1) Copy the text part of the status update by using Copy functionality (or CTRL + C). 

(2) Click on Share button beneath the status update.

(3) A Share window will open.  Place your cursor within the “Share the update” widow.

(4) Add a comment if you wish and then add a quotation mark, hit Paste (or CTRL + V) and add a quotation mark again.

(5) Hit the blue Share button at the bottom of the Share window.

That’s it, you are all done and the people in your network are not scratching their heads trying to figure out what the quote reference was all about.

In addition to using the simple workaround above, I also recommend that you occasionally take a look at your own updates and ensure that what you thought you shared is what you have shared indeed <smile>.

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