You’re So Vain: Vanity URL for Your LinkedIn Articles

you're so vain

What if I told you that there is a way to share all your LinkedIn articles in one link, memorable and brand-friendly? There is indeed a new feature that does for your articles what so called vanity URL (customized URL) does for your LinkedIn profile!

… Unless you live under a rock, you have heard that LinkedIn publisher is a game changer. And if you have been publishing on LinkedIn, you have probably already reaped some great rewards. But what mechanisms have you employed so far to drive traffic to your LinkedIn articles? You might have:

  • posted status updates with a link to your individual article
  • shared a link with your connections
  • posted a link in relevant LinkedIn groups
  • used Influencer marketing
  • provided links to your other articles at the bottom of a new article
  • used the power of cross-posting to promote an individual article across various social media platforms

Now you can do all of these things (and more) for all your articles at once and you have a lovely personalized link reserved for you. My articles link is Open the link and replace mariafafard with your name (or whatever you used to customize your LinkedIn profile URL). This is your link! For most users the link has the following format: How is this important?

  • This feature enables you to promote a collection of your articles, a body of your work.
  • This feature empowers you to add this memorable link to: your digital signature, business cards, marketing materials, resume, at the bottom of all your articles and to share it on other social media platforms.
  • This is an outstanding way to showcase your thought leadership, range of topics (and statistics) in one link.
  • If you share the link with someone who is not on LinkedIn or is not signed into LinkedIn, they can still view all your articles and read them.

I am thrilled to have a professional looking, memorable link as opposed to the previously available link that contained author ID. Look at an example for Training Consultant Sergio Urena: here is his old link:  and here is the new one:

Things of note:

  • If you have not customized your LinkedIn URL, you are not taking full advantage of the wonderful new format. So please, drop everything you are doing including reading this exciting article and go customize your URL. And no, you can’t get a pass by telling me you don’t know how. Here is the article I wrote for you showing how to do this:
  • If you customized your URL (good job! thank you!), but haven’t started publishing on LinkedIn yet, you already have a lovely placeholder for you. Go check it out! Perhaps seeing this empty space will inspire you to write your first article on LinkedIn (see top 5 reasons to do so here).
  • On February 11, 2016 LinkedIn added “Author Pages on the LinkedIn Publishing Platform” announcement to LinkedIn Help Center. You can read it here. According to the announcement, starting on March 8, 2016,the new author page URL will replace the old author page format URL and you will not be able to use the old URL any longer.
  • 2017 Note: It is worth noting that your vanity LinkedIn articles URL is still working properly after the great overhaul of LinkedIn desktop version (announced on January 19, 2017 and rolled out to users gradually).

Now you know. Your vanity LinkedIn articles URL is good for branding, good for SEO and is simply easy to remember. Happy writing!


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PS: This article has been updated on February 23, 2016 to bring it up to date with changes on the platform.



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