Make Your Profile Come Alive: How To Add Multimedia to LinkedIn Profile

You are aware of the importance of making your LinkedIn profile visually appealing and understand why it’s crucial to include samples of your work in your LinkedIn profile. But how do you actually do this? Writing “how to” articles is not as dear to my heart as writing about LinkedIn strategy, but since “How do I add a document to my LinkedIn profile?” is one of the frequently asked questions in LinkedIn universe, I have put together this quick guide for you. Use it to add pictures of you working with your team, white papers you wrote, visually stunning slide decks you created, videos of you presenting and anything else you are proud of and want to showcase. 

Your personal brand will thank you!

  • Go to the section of your profile you want to add a file to (it can be either Summary or Experience, under one of your positions).
  • Hover over Summary or the position of your choosing.
  • An icon will appear that looks like a square with a plus sign. This is “Add a video, image, document, presentation…” button. Click on it.

1_Add Multi-media

  • A window will open providing two options: to add a link or to upload a file.
  • Click on blue “Upload a file” button, select the file you want to attach and double click on it.

2_Options to add Multi-media

  • Now, add a Title for your file as well as an optional Description.
  • Note that if you are uploading a ppt presentation, you have an option of killing two birds with one stone by simultaneously publishing it to SlideShare. If you don’t want to do this, make sure to uncheck “Publish to SlideShare” check box located under Description window.
  • Click on Save button.

3_Title and Description

Now, isn’t your LinkedIn profile a thing of great beauty?

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