LiFT Reflections 

Last week I had the privilege of speaking at LiFT conference in Richmond. We had a wonderful audience of about 200 women (and a few good men too 😊). My speaking partners Ed and Shannon were wonderful to collaborate with, and made it easy for the concepts we were discussing to come alive for the participants.

As I reflect on this experience, I realize that I loved having an opportunity to speak about personal branding as a tool for self-discovery and growth (not some tactical mechanism to help your career).

After the talk, we received overwhelmingly kind feedback and I was given a gift of another realization: just like it’s easy to still feel nervous before a big event, no matter how many times you spoke before, it’s equally easy to feel a little too happy with yourself after it has gone well. And I know that the moment speaking becomes about the presenter, all the magic goes out of it. Speaking is about being of service to the audience.

If I did my due diligence developing the ideas and preparing, I might be fortunate enough to actually touch people in some tiny way (and how humbling is it to have this opportunity?); but it’s never about me.

Hello, my name is Maria Fafard and I am delighted to meet you! I speak and write about thought leadership, blogging, personal branding, finding the work you love and career strategy. If you have enjoyed my articles, please follow me here on WordPress, on LinkedIn and Twitter (@mariafafard), and check out my other blog For speaking inquiries, please send an email to Thank you. ~Maria

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