Happy New Year! Time for a Life and Work Retrospective

Happy New Year everyone! Did you know that this is a perfect time for life and work retrospective? Here is how to do it: - Schedule a block of time (1-2 hrs at a minimum) offsite where there are no distractions. - Perform a life and work review: how were the last 12 months? How… Continue reading Happy New Year! Time for a Life and Work Retrospective


Happy December!

Happy December my friends! The last month of 2016 is here, can you believe it? Life moves fast, doesn't it? And my question for you is not "Are you moving fast enough to keep up?" but "Are you moving too fast?" This December, I ask you to step back, to take a big picture look… Continue reading Happy December!

Make Your Profile Come Alive: How To Add Multimedia to LinkedIn Profile

   You are aware of the importance of making your LinkedIn profile visually appealing and understand why it's crucial to include samples of your work in your LinkedIn profile. But how do you actually do this? Writing "how to" articles is not as dear to my heart as writing about LinkedIn strategy, but since "How do I add… Continue reading Make Your Profile Come Alive: How To Add Multimedia to LinkedIn Profile

A Secret LinkedIn Feature

Very few LinkedIn users know that you can share, tweet, and email a customized link to a particular document in your LinkedIn profile. How is this valuable, you ask? Let me explain. There are three main reasons you want to leverage this vastly underutilized LinkedIn feature. 1. Using this feature is a great way to add value… Continue reading A Secret LinkedIn Feature

No Follow Button? No Problem!

"Maria, I want to follow someone on LinkedIn, but alas, they don’t have a Follow button in their profile. What to do?" Ah, the elusive Follow button. It’s oh so easy to follow someone when it’s front and center on their profile. But if it's nowhere to be found, following gets a little trickier. Here… Continue reading No Follow Button? No Problem!

Why Was I Invited to Publish on LinkedIn?

Question of the Day: Maria, I just received a message inviting me to publish on LinkedIn. Is this something new to all users? Select users? Or is this a pilot for certain users? I'm curious to know how I was considered. While I love to write and interested in potentially being featured in the "Pulse",… Continue reading Why Was I Invited to Publish on LinkedIn?

Top 5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Publishing Platform

I am very excited about LinkedIn publishing platform. There are many reasons why you want to leverage it, and here are the top five: It allows your long-form posts to become a part of our profile It comes with a potential be featured on LinkedIn Pulse (in other words, LinkedIn will recommend your article to other members… Continue reading Top 5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Publishing Platform

How Do I Publish on LinkedIn? Do I Even Have Access?

Question of the Day: Maria, I hear all about blogging on LinkedIn, but have no idea where it is located. Do I even have access to it? Most LinkedIn users still didn't get around to publishing on the LinkedIn, even though everyone has access to LinkedIn publishing platform. Here is how to find the gateway to LinkedIn publishing: 1)… Continue reading How Do I Publish on LinkedIn? Do I Even Have Access?

Claim Your Territory: Customize Your LinkedIn Profile URL

  You have heard that it's important to customize your LinkedIn profile URL (claim your vanity URL), but simply didn't get around to it. Or, most likely, you don't feel particularly motivated to take care of this as you don't know why exactly it matters. So why is it crucial to customize your LinkedIn profile URL, you ask?  This little… Continue reading Claim Your Territory: Customize Your LinkedIn Profile URL

Welcome Back, Recent Activity!

Some exciting LinkedIn news for you! Did you know that you can view the recent updates of your LinkedIn connections (and select non-connections) again? Here is how: ✔ Go to your connection profile ✔ Click on the drop down arrow next to “Send a Message” button for your first degree connections or next to “Send… Continue reading Welcome Back, Recent Activity!