Don’t Miss More Posts by… You: Surprisingly Good News from LinkedIn Publisher

Don’t have three whole minutes to read my article? I got your back, here is a 30 second version. With an introduction of a new LinkedIn publisher page, your most recent LinkedIn blog posts are automatically advertised at the bottom of all your LinkedIn articles. This is good news for driving up your viewership and… Continue reading Don’t Miss More Posts by… You: Surprisingly Good News from LinkedIn Publisher

Welcome Back, Unfollow Feature!

LINKEDIN NEWS: Good news, you can now unfollow folks if you don't want to see notifications about their long form posts in your notifications feed. Here is how: 1. When you see a notification "Mr. Writer published a new post", hover over the notification 2. You will see an X in the upper right corner… Continue reading Welcome Back, Unfollow Feature!

Welcome Back, Recent Activity!

Some exciting LinkedIn news for you! Did you know that you can view the recent updates of your LinkedIn connections (and select non-connections) again? Here is how: ✔ Go to your connection profile ✔ Click on the drop down arrow next to “Send a Message” button for your first degree connections or next to “Send… Continue reading Welcome Back, Recent Activity!

What is Your Rank?

Do you know your LinkedIn profile rank amongst your connections? Here is how to find out what it is: - Go to “Who’s viewed your profile”. - Click on the second tab, “How you rank for profile views”. - You will see a message “You rank in the top x% for profile views among your… Continue reading What is Your Rank?