A Tale of an Angry Blogger on LinkedIn

I have recently encountered an exceptionally grumpy article on LinkedIn. The author was raging mad, describing in all the gory details how LinkedIn wronged him and promising that this was going to be his last post on LinkedIn. The reason for his wrath? He believes LinkedIn lost his draft blog post after he repeatedly saved… Continue reading A Tale of an Angry Blogger on LinkedIn

Welcome Back, Unfollow Feature!

LINKEDIN NEWS: Good news, you can now unfollow folks if you don't want to see notifications about their long form posts in your notifications feed. Here is how: 1. When you see a notification "Mr. Writer published a new post", hover over the notification 2. You will see an X in the upper right corner… Continue reading Welcome Back, Unfollow Feature!

Are You Mad About Grammatical Mistakes?

Maria, what do you make of great content with grammatical mistakes? Does it warrant intense public criticism? Without a doubt, proofreading is crucial - for anyone, but especially for a writer. While I agree with the sentiment that errors can distract from the content of the article, I am convinced that intensely criticizing an author in… Continue reading Are You Mad About Grammatical Mistakes?

Top 5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Publishing Platform

I am very excited about LinkedIn publishing platform. There are many reasons why you want to leverage it, and here are the top five: It allows your long-form posts to become a part of our profile It comes with a potential be featured on LinkedIn Pulse (in other words, LinkedIn will recommend your article to other members… Continue reading Top 5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Publishing Platform

How Do I Publish on LinkedIn? Do I Even Have Access?

Question of the Day: Maria, I hear all about blogging on LinkedIn, but have no idea where it is located. Do I even have access to it? Most LinkedIn users still didn't get around to publishing on the LinkedIn, even though everyone has access to LinkedIn publishing platform. Here is how to find the gateway to LinkedIn publishing: 1)… Continue reading How Do I Publish on LinkedIn? Do I Even Have Access?

I Don’t Need This Content in My Life

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Maria, some of my connections are routinely posting low quality content, links that frankly have nothing to do with the professional world and pictures I could do without. What’s worse, they post frequently, so my news feed is difficult to navigate. Other than block them, what can I do? ANSWER: Sorry… Continue reading I Don’t Need This Content in My Life

Buzzwords, Be Gone!

Are you overloading your poor LinkedIn profile with buzzwords? Did you know that No. 1 most overused buzzword in LinkedIn Profiles in 2013 was “responsible”? Here is a 2013 list of the top 10 words that appear most often in profiles: - Responsible - Strategic - Creative - Effective - Patient - Expert - Organizational… Continue reading Buzzwords, Be Gone!

I Can’t Write

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Maria, I see a lot of advice (including yours) asking us to participate in groups. Well, I am not a great writer. I am good at what I do, but I don’t like to write and I am not good at it. So my fear is this, I start participating in… Continue reading I Can’t Write