New Job Search Strategy/LinkedIn Classes Series in Washington DC

I am thrilled to teach a series of job search strategy/LinkedIn classes at General Assembly in Washington DC, starting on March 2, 2016. PLEASE SHARE this announcement with your friends and family who are in the midst of a job hunt and might benefit from taking this class. Thank you and see you at General Assembly… Continue reading New Job Search Strategy/LinkedIn Classes Series in Washington DC

12 Baby Steps to Leadership

Once in a while, a question shows up in my inbox that makes me pause, smile, shake my head and ask myself: "Why didn’t it occur to me to write about this before?" "Dear Maria, I am struggling with the leadership step in my career. I have been a Software Developer for the last 10… Continue reading 12 Baby Steps to Leadership

I Love My Work

Had such an amazing time speaking about LinkedIn at General Assembly yesterday! We had a wonderful group of career changers and job hunters who were ready to dive in deep and learn everything about the platform: the core concepts, the tools, the techniques and (of course!) the hacks. Awesome energy, great questions... I love my… Continue reading I Love My Work

Wanted: Unmotivated, Dispassionate Employees

“I am a motivated, passionate and creative expert, driven, responsible, with an extensive experience in various organizational roles, track record of success, and a strategic mind set.” How does this description sound to you? Do you want to hire this person? … This was a trick question. I wrote this sentence using top 10 most overused… Continue reading Wanted: Unmotivated, Dispassionate Employees

Thrilled to Announce a LinkedIn Class in Washington DC

I am excited to announce that I will teach a LinkedIn class at General Assembly in DC on February 11, 2015. WHAT: Unleash the Power of LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job WHEN: February 11, 2015, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM WHERE: General Assembly DC, 1133 15th Street NW, The Penthouse, Washington, DC 20005 SIGN UP AT:… Continue reading Thrilled to Announce a LinkedIn Class in Washington DC

The Showdown: Resume vs. LinkedIn Profile

"Is having a stellar resume a good enough substitute to having a LinkedIn profile?" I was asked this question on multiple occasions, but haven't written an article on the topic yet. So when yesterday someone inquired: "I have a great resume, so I don't need a LinkedIn profile, right?", I knew I had to do… Continue reading The Showdown: Resume vs. LinkedIn Profile

20 Steps to PMP

I keep getting questions about PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, and thus I decided to write this post and share a one-page guidance document I have developed when I was studying for my PMP exam. I put this simple document together since when I was in the early stages of researching PMP, I encountered a… Continue reading 20 Steps to PMP

Only an Artist Needs a LinkedIn Portfolio, Right? Wrong!

Still don't have a powerful, substantial and visually appealing LinkedIn portfolio? Your competition does! Including a portfolio of your work in LinkedIn profile is a great way to demonstrate what you bring to the table, as opposed to simply talking about it. This applies to your situation, whether you are an artist or a business… Continue reading Only an Artist Needs a LinkedIn Portfolio, Right? Wrong!