Don’t Miss More Posts by… You: Surprisingly Good News from LinkedIn Publisher

Don’t have three whole minutes to read my article? I got your back, here is a 30 second version. With an introduction of a new LinkedIn publisher page, your most recent LinkedIn blog posts are automatically advertised at the bottom of all your LinkedIn articles. This is good news for driving up your viewership and… Continue reading Don’t Miss More Posts by… You: Surprisingly Good News from LinkedIn Publisher

New Job Search Strategy/LinkedIn Classes Series in Washington DC

I am thrilled to teach a series of job search strategy/LinkedIn classes at General Assembly in Washington DC, starting on March 2, 2016. PLEASE SHARE this announcement with your friends and family who are in the midst of a job hunt and might benefit from taking this class. Thank you and see you at General Assembly… Continue reading New Job Search Strategy/LinkedIn Classes Series in Washington DC

You’re So Vain: Vanity URL for Your LinkedIn Articles

What if I told you that there is a way to share all your LinkedIn articles in one link, memorable and brand-friendly? There is indeed a new feature that does for your articles what so called vanity URL (customized URL) does for your LinkedIn profile! ... Unless you live under a rock, you have heard that LinkedIn publisher is a… Continue reading You’re So Vain: Vanity URL for Your LinkedIn Articles

It Takes Two to Tango: LinkedIn/Twitter Interface

Imagine that you have two employees working on the same project. They are both talented and diligent; however, they don't coordinate their efforts at all. Do you think there is any efficiency lost due to them not setting a common strategy and not working in sync? You bet there is! And yet, this is exactly… Continue reading It Takes Two to Tango: LinkedIn/Twitter Interface

I Love My Work

Had such an amazing time speaking about LinkedIn at General Assembly yesterday! We had a wonderful group of career changers and job hunters who were ready to dive in deep and learn everything about the platform: the core concepts, the tools, the techniques and (of course!) the hacks. Awesome energy, great questions... I love my… Continue reading I Love My Work

Wanted: Unmotivated, Dispassionate Employees

“I am a motivated, passionate and creative expert, driven, responsible, with an extensive experience in various organizational roles, track record of success, and a strategic mind set.” How does this description sound to you? Do you want to hire this person? … This was a trick question. I wrote this sentence using top 10 most overused… Continue reading Wanted: Unmotivated, Dispassionate Employees

Thrilled to Announce a LinkedIn Class in Washington DC

I am excited to announce that I will teach a LinkedIn class at General Assembly in DC on February 11, 2015. WHAT: Unleash the Power of LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job WHEN: February 11, 2015, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM WHERE: General Assembly DC, 1133 15th Street NW, The Penthouse, Washington, DC 20005 SIGN UP AT:… Continue reading Thrilled to Announce a LinkedIn Class in Washington DC

LinkedIn Is …

No Follow Button? No Problem!

"Maria, I want to follow someone on LinkedIn, but alas, they don’t have a Follow button in their profile. What to do?" Ah, the elusive Follow button. It’s oh so easy to follow someone when it’s front and center on their profile. But if it's nowhere to be found, following gets a little trickier. Here… Continue reading No Follow Button? No Problem!

How Do I Connect to an Influencer?

 “Maria, how can I connect with Influencer Mr. X on LinkedIn? Unfortunately, I don’t have anybody in my network who can introduce me.” I know it’s time to write about a topic when I get the same question from different corners of the world. This one has showed up in my inbox many times, and… Continue reading How Do I Connect to an Influencer?