The Secrets of Coaching for Scrum Masters

Presentation slides: Secrets of Coaching for SM's Sample video clip (12 minutes): Sample video clip (2 minutes):

Happy New Year! Time for a Life and Work Retrospective

Happy New Year everyone! Did you know that this is a perfect time for life and work retrospective? Here is how to do it: - Schedule a block of time (1-2 hrs at a minimum) offsite where there are no distractions. - Perform a life and work review: how were the last 12 months? How… Continue reading Happy New Year! Time for a Life and Work Retrospective

12 Baby Steps to Leadership

Once in a while, a question shows up in my inbox that makes me pause, smile, shake my head and ask myself: "Why didn’t it occur to me to write about this before?" "Dear Maria, I am struggling with the leadership step in my career. I have been a Software Developer for the last 10… Continue reading 12 Baby Steps to Leadership

I Love My Work

Had such an amazing time speaking about LinkedIn at General Assembly yesterday! We had a wonderful group of career changers and job hunters who were ready to dive in deep and learn everything about the platform: the core concepts, the tools, the techniques and (of course!) the hacks. Awesome energy, great questions... I love my… Continue reading I Love My Work

Thrilled to Announce a LinkedIn Class in Washington DC

I am excited to announce that I will teach a LinkedIn class at General Assembly in DC on February 11, 2015. WHAT: Unleash the Power of LinkedIn to Land Your Dream Job WHEN: February 11, 2015, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM WHERE: General Assembly DC, 1133 15th Street NW, The Penthouse, Washington, DC 20005 SIGN UP AT:… Continue reading Thrilled to Announce a LinkedIn Class in Washington DC

20 Steps to PMP

I keep getting questions about PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, and thus I decided to write this post and share a one-page guidance document I have developed when I was studying for my PMP exam. I put this simple document together since when I was in the early stages of researching PMP, I encountered a… Continue reading 20 Steps to PMP

Your LinkedIn To Do List

Do you have a LinkedIn to do list? What’s that, you ask? It's simply a list of activities you will be engaging in on LinkedIn to accomplish your professional goals. It's a bridge between your long term objectives and your everyday activities. It's the answer to your: "Now that I have clarified my goals, how exactly… Continue reading Your LinkedIn To Do List

Add Your LinkedIn URL to Your Resume!

  Have you added a link to your LinkedIn profile to the header of your resume yet? I see many resume headers showcasing a person's name, address, phone number and email, and neglecting to include a bridge to their biggest branding asset, their LinkedIn profile. When a recruiter or a potential employer opens your resume, all they have… Continue reading Add Your LinkedIn URL to Your Resume!

What to Highlight in LinkedIn Profile

Question of the day: I have a wealth of experiences, in different areas of expertise. How do I determine what to describe in detail in my LinkedIn profile? In my resume? Have you given any thought to which one of these areas you are most passionate about and what areas you are great in, but… Continue reading What to Highlight in LinkedIn Profile

Help! My LinkedIn Profile Has Multiple Personalities

Question of the Day: I have a speaking business and a 9-to-5 job as an accountant. It confuses potential clients when they look me up and see accounting stuff in my LinkedIn profile. Decide whether you want to use LinkedIn primarily to grow you speaking business or to grow your corporate career. Consider reorienting your… Continue reading Help! My LinkedIn Profile Has Multiple Personalities