3 Magical LinkedIn Questions to Ask

Did you know that all it takes to avoid making costly mistakes in the area of LinkedIn engagement is asking 3 simple questions before you take action? Let me explain. When considering taking a certain action on LinkedIn, ask yourself: 1. Will it negatively affect my personal brand? 2. Will it negatively affect the people… Continue reading 3 Magical LinkedIn Questions to Ask

Are Recommendations Worthless?

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Are LinkedIn recommendations valuable or worthless? It seems that everybody has many generic recommendations – do they even mean anything? Recommendations are valuable – but only if they are detailed, substantial, and enthusiastic recommendations from clients, managers, and colleagues familiar with the quality of your work. Another important element is consistency.… Continue reading Are Recommendations Worthless?

Why Was I Invited to Publish on LinkedIn?

Question of the Day: Maria, I just received a message inviting me to publish on LinkedIn. Is this something new to all users? Select users? Or is this a pilot for certain users? I'm curious to know how I was considered. While I love to write and interested in potentially being featured in the "Pulse",… Continue reading Why Was I Invited to Publish on LinkedIn?

Add Your LinkedIn URL to Your Resume!

  Have you added a link to your LinkedIn profile to the header of your resume yet? I see many resume headers showcasing a person's name, address, phone number and email, and neglecting to include a bridge to their biggest branding asset, their LinkedIn profile. When a recruiter or a potential employer opens your resume, all they have… Continue reading Add Your LinkedIn URL to Your Resume!

What to Highlight in LinkedIn Profile

Question of the day: I have a wealth of experiences, in different areas of expertise. How do I determine what to describe in detail in my LinkedIn profile? In my resume? Have you given any thought to which one of these areas you are most passionate about and what areas you are great in, but… Continue reading What to Highlight in LinkedIn Profile

How Do I Publish on LinkedIn? Do I Even Have Access?

Question of the Day: Maria, I hear all about blogging on LinkedIn, but have no idea where it is located. Do I even have access to it? Most LinkedIn users still didn't get around to publishing on the LinkedIn, even though everyone has access to LinkedIn publishing platform. Here is how to find the gateway to LinkedIn publishing: 1)… Continue reading How Do I Publish on LinkedIn? Do I Even Have Access?

I Don’t Need This Content in My Life

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Maria, some of my connections are routinely posting low quality content, links that frankly have nothing to do with the professional world and pictures I could do without. What’s worse, they post frequently, so my news feed is difficult to navigate. Other than block them, what can I do? ANSWER: Sorry… Continue reading I Don’t Need This Content in My Life

Claim Your Territory: Customize Your LinkedIn Profile URL

  You have heard that it's important to customize your LinkedIn profile URL (claim your vanity URL), but simply didn't get around to it. Or, most likely, you don't feel particularly motivated to take care of this as you don't know why exactly it matters. So why is it crucial to customize your LinkedIn profile URL, you ask?  This little… Continue reading Claim Your Territory: Customize Your LinkedIn Profile URL

Help! My LinkedIn Profile Has Multiple Personalities

Question of the Day: I have a speaking business and a 9-to-5 job as an accountant. It confuses potential clients when they look me up and see accounting stuff in my LinkedIn profile. Decide whether you want to use LinkedIn primarily to grow you speaking business or to grow your corporate career. Consider reorienting your… Continue reading Help! My LinkedIn Profile Has Multiple Personalities

I Can’t Write

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Maria, I see a lot of advice (including yours) asking us to participate in groups. Well, I am not a great writer. I am good at what I do, but I don’t like to write and I am not good at it. So my fear is this, I start participating in… Continue reading I Can’t Write