Happy New Year! Time for a Life and Work Retrospective

Happy New Year everyone! Did you know that this is a perfect time for life and work retrospective? Here is how to do it: - Schedule a block of time (1-2 hrs at a minimum) offsite where there are no distractions. - Perform a life and work review: how were the last 12 months? How… Continue reading Happy New Year! Time for a Life and Work Retrospective


Don’t Miss More Posts by… You: Surprisingly Good News from LinkedIn Publisher

Don’t have three whole minutes to read my article? I got your back, here is a 30 second version. With an introduction of a new LinkedIn publisher page, your most recent LinkedIn blog posts are automatically advertised at the bottom of all your LinkedIn articles. This is good news for driving up your viewership and… Continue reading Don’t Miss More Posts by… You: Surprisingly Good News from LinkedIn Publisher

You’re So Vain: Vanity URL for Your LinkedIn Articles

What if I told you that there is a way to share all your LinkedIn articles in one link, memorable and brand-friendly? There is indeed a new feature that does for your articles what so called vanity URL (customized URL) does for your LinkedIn profile! ... Unless you live under a rock, you have heard that LinkedIn publisher is a… Continue reading You’re So Vain: Vanity URL for Your LinkedIn Articles

12 Baby Steps to Leadership

Once in a while, a question shows up in my inbox that makes me pause, smile, shake my head and ask myself: "Why didn’t it occur to me to write about this before?" "Dear Maria, I am struggling with the leadership step in my career. I have been a Software Developer for the last 10… Continue reading 12 Baby Steps to Leadership

It Takes Two to Tango: LinkedIn/Twitter Interface

Imagine that you have two employees working on the same project. They are both talented and diligent; however, they don't coordinate their efforts at all. Do you think there is any efficiency lost due to them not setting a common strategy and not working in sync? You bet there is! And yet, this is exactly… Continue reading It Takes Two to Tango: LinkedIn/Twitter Interface

Wanted: Unmotivated, Dispassionate Employees

“I am a motivated, passionate and creative expert, driven, responsible, with an extensive experience in various organizational roles, track record of success, and a strategic mind set.” How does this description sound to you? Do you want to hire this person? … This was a trick question. I wrote this sentence using top 10 most overused… Continue reading Wanted: Unmotivated, Dispassionate Employees

The Showdown: Resume vs. LinkedIn Profile

"Is having a stellar resume a good enough substitute to having a LinkedIn profile?" I was asked this question on multiple occasions, but haven't written an article on the topic yet. So when yesterday someone inquired: "I have a great resume, so I don't need a LinkedIn profile, right?", I knew I had to do… Continue reading The Showdown: Resume vs. LinkedIn Profile

3 Magical LinkedIn Questions to Ask

Did you know that all it takes to avoid making costly mistakes in the area of LinkedIn engagement is asking 3 simple questions before you take action? Let me explain. When considering taking a certain action on LinkedIn, ask yourself: 1. Will it negatively affect my personal brand? 2. Will it negatively affect the people… Continue reading 3 Magical LinkedIn Questions to Ask

Your LinkedIn To Do List

Do you have a LinkedIn to do list? What’s that, you ask? It's simply a list of activities you will be engaging in on LinkedIn to accomplish your professional goals. It's a bridge between your long term objectives and your everyday activities. It's the answer to your: "Now that I have clarified my goals, how exactly… Continue reading Your LinkedIn To Do List

Are You Mad About Grammatical Mistakes?

Maria, what do you make of great content with grammatical mistakes? Does it warrant intense public criticism? Without a doubt, proofreading is crucial - for anyone, but especially for a writer. While I agree with the sentiment that errors can distract from the content of the article, I am convinced that intensely criticizing an author in… Continue reading Are You Mad About Grammatical Mistakes?

Only an Artist Needs a LinkedIn Portfolio, Right? Wrong!

Still don't have a powerful, substantial and visually appealing LinkedIn portfolio? Your competition does! Including a portfolio of your work in LinkedIn profile is a great way to demonstrate what you bring to the table, as opposed to simply talking about it. This applies to your situation, whether you are an artist or a business… Continue reading Only an Artist Needs a LinkedIn Portfolio, Right? Wrong!

Top 5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Publishing Platform

I am very excited about LinkedIn publishing platform. There are many reasons why you want to leverage it, and here are the top five: It allows your long-form posts to become a part of our profile It comes with a potential be featured on LinkedIn Pulse (in other words, LinkedIn will recommend your article to other members… Continue reading Top 5 Reasons to Use LinkedIn Publishing Platform

Claim Your Territory: Customize Your LinkedIn Profile URL

  You have heard that it's important to customize your LinkedIn profile URL (claim your vanity URL), but simply didn't get around to it. Or, most likely, you don't feel particularly motivated to take care of this as you don't know why exactly it matters. So why is it crucial to customize your LinkedIn profile URL, you ask?  This little… Continue reading Claim Your Territory: Customize Your LinkedIn Profile URL

Spiritual Tools for Coaches

Presentation slides: spiritual tools for coaches

On a Bridge of Assumptions

Isaac Asimov wrote: "Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off once in a while, or the light won't come in." This simple aphorism leads us into a constellation of not so simple questions. What assumptions are governing your life? What was the last time you looked at your assumptions and intentionally… Continue reading On a Bridge of Assumptions

The Secrets of Coaching for Scrum Masters

Presentation slides: Secrets of Coaching for SM's Sample video clip (12 minutes): https://youtu.be/rpI3pzIKPr8 Sample video clip (2 minutes):

LiFT Reflections 

Last week I had the privilege of speaking at LiFT conference in Richmond. We had a wonderful audience of about 200 women (and a few good men too 😊). My speaking partners Ed and Shannon were wonderful to collaborate with, and made it easy for the concepts we were discussing to come alive for the… Continue reading LiFT Reflections 

Happy December!

Happy December my friends! The last month of 2016 is here, can you believe it? Life moves fast, doesn't it? And my question for you is not "Are you moving fast enough to keep up?" but "Are you moving too fast?" This December, I ask you to step back, to take a big picture look… Continue reading Happy December!

Oops, I Did It Again: How to Customize a LinkedIn Invitation on Mobile

   We've all done this: wanted to connect to someone on LinkedIn from our phone and clicked on the blue Connect button on their profile only to see a cheerful "Invite Has Been Sent!" message. Then we realize (all too late, of course) that we just sent a dreaded generic invite without having a chance… Continue reading Oops, I Did It Again: How to Customize a LinkedIn Invitation on Mobile

Make Your Profile Come Alive: How To Add Multimedia to LinkedIn Profile

   You are aware of the importance of making your LinkedIn profile visually appealing and understand why it's crucial to include samples of your work in your LinkedIn profile. But how do you actually do this? Writing "how to" articles is not as dear to my heart as writing about LinkedIn strategy, but since "How do I add… Continue reading Make Your Profile Come Alive: How To Add Multimedia to LinkedIn Profile

Happy #IWD2016!

It was a privilege and an honor to speak for an altogether amazing group of female entrepreneurs visiting Washington DC as part of #10KWomen initiative (a US Department of State Entrepreneurship Program for Women in the Middle East). To say that this is an inspiring group is to describe a shadow of the impression they… Continue reading Happy #IWD2016!